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After school Social

                               Cultural-entertainment activity program

Studying Russian in Russia is a daily personal interaction in Russian and fascinating travel to the bright world of Russian language, its sayings, proverbs, jokes and humourous catchphrases. This is an introduction to diverse Russian culture, to character of Russian people.

It is a way to mutual understanding and friendship.

Apart from the course of Russian after class special cultural programs are offered to you.

This educainment (education + entertainment) program includes having excursions, practical training, films viewing and discussing, playing games, watching theatrical performances, holding practical classes in traditional people’s art, getting to know Russian national musical instruments, songs and dances, enjoying informal get-togethers and many other things.

We will look upon what are you really interested in – life, culture, features of character, individualities, traditions, social life of Russian people, political and moral problems of the society. 

These classes are held 3-4 times a week after classes of Russian. The length is 1-2 hours (our standard schedule).

Beside this free of charge program we can advise you to spend leisure hours having excursions (with additional cost): ethnographic, nature, historical. From Irkutsk it is possible quite easily (for one hour only) to get to the lake Baikal – the pearl of our planet. The Sayansk mountains and hot mineral springs, Buddhist temples and sacral shaman (Voodoo doctor) places – maximize the advantages of your time! You can also enjoy numerous fascinating routes across Pribaikalye! Our partner travel agency Baikal Top will help to organize these adventures for you. These are hiking and horse trips, rivers rafting and bicycle rides, mountain hiking and skiing and sledging! So many exciting things to do and to see!

In this respect we can be increasingly helpful to plan your weekends and evening hours that you could receive a comprehensive communication in Russian at a large scale.

Irkutsk is a theatrical city, cultural capital of Siberia. A lot of theatres and concert halls, including pipe organ halls are available in the city. Many creative collectives and guest actor companies are desirous to demonstrate their remarkable talent. You will have unforgettable experience visiting fiery football matches or a concert of world jazz "star”.

Seasons, weather, cultural events in Irkutsk as well as your interests and requests will guide the format of this educainment program.

We will try to organize the stay of our students in Irkutsk with the maximum advantage for you.