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The Russian courses it is companionship


We study Russian and we travel across Baikal


Communication in Russian in an informal situation

Associate programs

Complex, multipurpose programs of studying Russian

«Group or individual course of Russian +»

Complex programs of studying Russian give the chance of full and entertaining immersion into the Russian-speaking environment. Dialogues occur not only at studies, but also during after class informative and interesting courses in informal and friendly atmosphere. Such socialization in sphere of your interests promotes fast and natural fastening of language skills. You speak and listen Russian all day, communicating with friends of affinity.

For this we have developed and bring to your attention complex programs of various preferences to any taste and interest:

If we left out something – with pleasure we will consider your wishes and elaborate a special program to you.

Dear friends, new offer!

This year, having considered your wishes, we offer you the combined 2 week course: 

week of lessons and residence in Irkutsk + week of lessons and accommodation on the Baikal camp site, on the bank of the unique lake, far from the city!

The cost of occupations and residence in Irkutsk remains and is posted on the website.

                                Cost of the Baikal week

lessons - 260 е week, a standard group course of 20 lessons in a week

Accommodation (single) on a camp site from 1500 – 4000 rub/days in the winter and in off-season, 2500 – 8000rub/days in the summer

By inquiry and existence of places

Complex food from 900 to 1300rub/days

The drive Irkutsk – Baikal (in one party) from 1200 rub on route transport, and from 3000 – 6000 rub by car.

Time in a way of 4-5 hours

Excursions, trackings, fishing - on demand.

Such combined program will be possible even at the minimum group, from 2 people!