Programs and methods

Our main goal – that you would start speaking in Russian!

Russian teaching at our school is constructed on the basis of a communicative method. Our purpose – your easy  communication in Russian in everyday life.

For this purpose you actively participate in process of training which can be oral, written, game, role, musical – options many to increase practice of communication.

Training is conducted only in Russian. You "plunge" into the Russian language environment and simply start talking! For discussion daily situations, communication in real vital conditions and subjects interesting to you get out.

The communicative method will allow you quicker, and the main thing is simpler to master grammatical bases of language. Also believe, in it Russian very simple and easy!

We offer grammar studying in the course of communication, at expression of thoughts, intentions, actions when grammatical features of Russian are studied not through learning of rules, and through speech experience, through experience of communication in usual life situations.

Main types of educational activity at such approach – game situations, role dialogues, tasks in couples, mini-groups. Such approach allows to acquire language more consciously, to think cheerfully, to work creatively!

On occupations you learn to speak in real daily situations, you increase the lexicon, you learn to understand the speech, at the same time you learn to speak, read and write. Simultaneous inclusion of all types of the memory, all your abilities gives the best development and storing of a training material, reduces expenses of time and guarantees you comfortable stay in an unusual situation.

Such "vital", live grammar is very interesting and fascinating. Grammatical rules are acquired easily, constraint and uncertainty in communication leaves.

A small amount of pupils in a class – is optimum from 4 to 6, allows to organize an individual approach and effective training at which each of you speaks as much as possible.

We offer training in Russian from various level – for those who only starts learning Russian and for those who is already improved in the knowledge of Russian.

Before training you will pass small test for definition of the level of knowledge of Russian and a choice of the program of training best for you.

Upon completion of training, you as will pass test what to understand and see the results and to plan further improvement in the knowledge of Russian.

If you at zero level, we assure that after course passing you will seize elementary knowledge and skills of Russian, you will be able to be guided in everyday situations, to participate in simple communication, to read not difficult texts.