Group courses

Studying in groups

In our school you can choose programs of various complexity and subject matter, the programs which answer your interests and the purposes regarding your competency in Russian. 

Standard courses of Russian

4 classes a day, 20 classes a week.

The standard plus – Russian courses

These courses are intended for those who along with the standard group course needs one hour of individual tutoring.

4 group classes a day + 1 hour of individual tutoring

25 classes a week.

Intensive course of Russian

This course is designated for those who want to receive intensive training, confirm and improve the skills in a shorter time.

6 classes a day, 30 classes a week. 

The cost of any group course includes:

Training to the course syllabus

Oral and written introductory testing

Learning materials and handbooks

Access to Internet

After school Social program

The final certificate

The minimum length of the course: 1 week

Mini groups of 4 persons

The length of a class: 45 minutes

Classes are held from Monday till Friday from 9.00 till 13.00

After lunch – after school Social program.