Приятные и полезные каникулы!

A different kind of holiday! For my 60th birthday I wanted to treat myself to something special and at the same time set the direction for the coming years: Don't become sluggish, keep learning new things! I became interested in the Russian language through two Russian guest students who could not have been more different. They made me curious about this huge country, whose culture and people we know so little! So I was looking for a place to study Russian. Moscow seemed too hot and too "obvious" to me, and in Sochi I somehow found no anchor. Then I came across Irkutsk near the gigantic Lake Baikal, which turned out to be absolutely perfect! I registered for a two-week language course with a "real" Russian course provider, Russian Courses on Baikal. The best idea of my life! The two patient teachers Marina and Nastja not only proved to be higly professional, effective teachers, but also very cheerful, extremely helpful and cordial. We had so much fun! Marina organised a great supporting program with excursions to the lake, visits to museums and even a cooking course. The city tour Wiktor took us to I will keep in particularly positive memory. He provided most interesting insights into life in Russia and impressed us with his competence and extensive knowledge. It was nice to learn that people in Russia thousands of kilometres away have the same pleasures, grievances and concerns as we do. Or the other way round… ????

An absolute recommendation!


Annemarie Pumpernig