Russian + Russian cuisine

Lessons of the Siberian cookery

Cooking is part of culture of any people, part of his life. It is interesting to each tourist to get acquainted with country cookery where he arrived.

The kitchen of the Russian people has a great variety of tastes and its shades

Nature of Siberia the special, a little, that can be grown up in the conditions of frosty winter, short, but hot summer. But that the bigger respect causes the people which, living in such climatic conditions, could create various kitchen with an infinite number of the most tasty, original dishes and drinks.

Long since the Russian people were engaged in arable farming, the rye, oats, wheat, barley grew up. Before other people of Europe and Asia they opened a secret of production of yeast dough. That is why for the Russian and Siberian cuisine the abundance of baked products is so characteristic: various pies, donuts, pancakes and fritters.

The Russian rye black bread is especially well-known. From here and Russian proverb: "Bread – to all the head".

Huge open spaces of Siberia are occupied untouched by the person coniferous forests, and Siberians consume wood gifts long since. Berries, mushrooms, the nuts which have ripened in the purest Siberian taiga, you will always meet in dishes of the Siberian cuisine.

At preparation of dishes of the Russian and Siberian cuisine you like philosophy of life of the Russian people, you will be able to understand better traditions, customs and character of the Russian person.

This additional knowledge undoubtedly will help you with Russian studying, will promote the fastest fixing of skills of daily communication and will bring you only positive emotions, having added to your culinary experience!

At our school you can choose Russian studying in group or individually in combination with the course "Lessons of the Russian and Siberian Cuisine"

Occupations take place variously: these are master classes from housewives, from chefs and it is simple to eat well from fans. Each Russian has culinary secrets, and you will be able to open them for yourselves.

Lessons of the Russian and Siberian cookery

The program is offered for those who likes cooking, wants to get acquainted with Russian cuisine and to learn to prepare the Russian dishes.

3 days a week for 2 hours

The course can last so many weeks, how many you will wish.

All courses are taught in Russian.

Classes are given in the Cookery Lessons program after a dinner, since morning – Russian courses. (you watch our usual schedule)

We invite you in the Siberian Culinary travel and we hope to see in Irkutsk! We will try to help you to make own discovery of traditions and customs of the Russian people.