Regulations and conditions

Regulations and training conditions at the school «Russian on Baikal»

Classes and working schedule

Minigroups up to 3 persons (up to 8 persons maximum in a peak season).

Classes are held from Monday till Friday from 9.00 till 13.00 (except official holidays).

One hour of a group class lasts 45 minutes.

One hour of an individual class – 55 minutes. Individual classes are usually given after lunchtime or as per your individual schedule and any time convenient for you.

All additional after class programs are made after lunch, most of which are included in the cost of the courses.

In days off some additional excursions can be offered (with extra cost if they are not available in the program of your course).

Groups beginning with a "zero" level start classes from 2 times a month, on every first and third Monday of a month. For schedule specification please contact us. If you have already studied Russian you can join group on any Monday of the month.

For definition of your level of proficiency in russian language and carrying out introductory conversation, it is necessary to arrive in the first day of occupations to school at 8.30

In case of groups shortage the schedule can be changed, but, anyway, you receive that course which you have planned.

In 2015 public holidays on May 1, on June 12, on November 4 drop out for the working days. If occupations these days aren't, we will offer you excursions.

Age of students

The minimum age is 18. If students are younger 18  they can arrive with an adult accompanying him (her). No other age restrictions are available. At our school we have special offers for students «50+».

Registration and an application for training

Entry payment 70 $.

After you have chosen the course, the training program, you fill an application form and send it to us by e-mail.

The course reservation  after your application, by agreement.

Payment details

It will be necessary to specify before payment.

Payment for a course needs to be made in the first day of your lessons


In your application form please specify which type of accommodation you would prefer.

We will surely reserve residential places to live in.

It is an important thing to arrive before the first day of the training courses – on Saturday or Sunday because housing actually takes place on these days.

Payment for habitation is made on arrival through the school office (to the accommodation manager-coordinator) if you live in an apartment, in a family or in a hostel. If you choose to live in hotel, you pay in hotel,independently.

Taxi service

If there is some need to meet you at the airport or railway station – we will call you a taxi. Inform us about it while filling an application form.


As for visa you have to get it independently.


As a rule our students make insurance before arrival to Russia, while obtaining visa in their native countries.

We as well make insurance for the whole period of training, time of excursions and in case of encephalitic forest fly bite disease.

The school bears obligations for quality of the given services. But in case of not visits of lessons with no good reason. payment is not reimbursed.

In case of being late for classes or preschedule departure, refusal of training – you pay only actually received service, except for entry payment (it is not refunded as indemnification of expenses of the school for advance payments to service providers).

All disputable issues are settled as per the terms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Filling out an application form and enrollment for the course means consent of a student with the given regulations.