Russian musical instruments


Russian national dance


products from birch bark


Russian ceramic toy


the Russian ancient mascot - a rag doll


bast shoes - ancient Russian footwear

Russian + national culture

Unique folk art, folklore, art creative activity of any people, – a basis of all world culture

Ideals and aspirations of the people, its poetic imagination, the richest world of thoughts, feelings and experiences, dreams and hopes are reflected in any national creativity.

At our school you can get acquainted with the Siberian folklore. It is flashing and incendiary humour of jokes, wisdom of fairy tales, proverbs and sayings, melody and poetry of national songs.

You will be able to get acquainted with national dances, to learn to play the Russian national instruments, to participate in orchestra performances.

You will try to create the hands hand-made articles and jewelry in traditions of the Russian people from clay and a stone, birch bark and a mosaic, wool and other materials.

Acquaintance to national arts considerably will deepen your knowledge of Russian, will help to acquire better it and considerably will enrich a lexicon.

All this positive experience and bright emotions, undoubtedly, will give special color and mood to your travel across Russia!

At our school to a course of National art you can add Russian studying in group or individual lessons of Russian

National art in Siberia

The program is offered for those who wants to get acquainted closer with folk art, various forms of national art crafts.

Occupations are conducted by professional masters and experts.

3 occupations for 2 hours.

The course can last so many weeks, how many you will wish.

Occupations are conducted in Russian.

Classes are given after a dinner, since morning – Russian courses. (You watch our schedule)

We invite in fascinating Creative Siberian travel and we hope to see you in Irkutsk on coast of great Lake Baikal!

We will try to help you to make the unique discovery of traditions, customs and culture of the Russian people.