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The nature of Siberia is unique, various and travel on the Baikal roads don't leave you indifferent. Lake Baikal is a magnet which attracts travelers of the whole world. The deepest, the purest, the most ancient on our planet – it it is necessary to see, feel its huge force and the energy which has been saved up by eyelids!

Campaigns to mountains and walks on forest footpaths, river rafting and horse routes, the mountain bicycle, skis, driving on dogsleds!

And it not all!

Our partner – travel agency BaikalTop can organize many adventures for you.

In Siberia, on Baikal the nature endures four seasons of year, and every season has "highlight", the appeal, the paints.

The hot solar summer will please blossoming and fragrant with herbs, warm velvet fall – gold paints of different shades. The frosty winter will surprise with abundance of the sun, elegant snow-covered trees. The Baikal ice – transparent and bewitching is amazing. In the spring our Siberian nature comes to life and besides rejoices to the sun. Surprisingly all – in our corner of the world it is a lot of sunny days – to 300 in a year!

Therefore also people at us – friendly, hospitable!

We hope to see you on the Irkutsk earth, in campaigns and ecological routes, and as and on Russian courses.

It is healthy – to combine business with pleasure!

Rest, adventures + interesting cognitive activity, fascinating travel to Russian and culture world.

Courses of Russian can be group and individual.

Ecological and active campaigns on Baikal.

The program is intended for fans of active recreation, campaigns and ecological excursions and includes campaigns of various complexity, various contents in various natural areas at Lake Baikal

Transport – is included in cost. The personal equipment for participation in campaigns is necessary.

Ecological campaigns and excursions

2 rounds on a half of day + 1 (2) round

for full day, within a week.

The course can last so many weeks, how many you will wish.

All courses are taught in Russian.

We invite in fascinating ecological Baikal travel and we wait for you in Irkutsk on coast of great Lake Baikal! You can make new, discovery of traditions, customs and culture of the Russian people.

We guarantee surprising and various adventures, positive emotions and pleasant memories!