Students accommodation

For students our school offers various variants of residing:

A separate apartment

Our school has chosen apartments for those who wish to live separately.

Apartments are close to school. Almost 2 persons (the price remains the same) can freely lodge here. However, those who prefer their own free space can choose to live alone. If you choose this variant we will reserve a separate apartment for you.

30e a day from one person.


We can place students in a hostel varying from a single to a double room.

In the hostel each student has a room (single or double), a common kitchen and a bathroom (or bathrooms). We recommend this kind of residing for those who loves dialogue. Such common residing promotes good understanding, easily allows to come into contact in the group, improves relations between students and really helps in training. Double rooms are not given to people who have not been familiar and have not co-ordinated the joint residing in advance.

Single room

20 e a day

Double room

 15 e a day from one person

Hotels of Irkutsk

In Irkutsk we have a wide choice of hotels at prices to your choice. Our school has agreed about special offer with 2*, 3* hotels, but we can also reserve you a room in 4* or 5* hotels. Please take into consideration that Irkutsk is a tourist city, and we can hardly predict a number of free rooms in hotels in summer, therefore, we advise to reserve rooms beforehand. From October till May – hotels have more vacant rooms.

For one person                         

For two persons


2 stars

35 e a day 

 20 e   a day for one person


3 stars

Information on request

Information on request


4 stars

Information on request

Information on request


Information on request

Information on request

Prices can be changed, so please specify when requesting and booking.

You can also find other accomodation options on

Contakt us for more information.

We monthly control quality of services in residing. We can also do it as per your request.

In case you want to change your place of habitation, our accommodation manager will help to settle your problems, if any.

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